June 18th 2020

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The Science of Ontologies

  1. Bastian Preindl
    Bastian Preindl
    Head of R&D, JoinVision E-Services GmbH
We at JoinVision are working on a new dimension of semantic ontology for the recruitment sector, together with our colleagues from Jobcloud. It significantly outperforms currently existing ontologies in this sector regarding its integrity and cognitive abilities and also introduces a new framework for text mining and understanding. The multi-lingual text mining engine is independent from the recruting domain and can be used to build new ontologies for all purposes in unprecedented short time. We'd like to introduce the capabilities of our new ontology and its modules and to show use cases how it can be used for data mining, information retrieval, and knowledge discovery.
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The Science of Ontologies

Bastian Preindl

Head of R&D (JoinVision E-Services GmbH)

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