Afternoon Keynote Art Code Live Werdino

Mathieu Henri

Senior Engineer, Microsoft


You must be imaginative, strong-hearted. You must try things that may not work, understand how things work to see the patterns beneath. Your only limit is your soul. Bringing some creativity to your craft, and making art, shall make you a better developer. This talk will touch on creative coding, the demoscene, a range of optimisation techniques and the creative mindset. Then we will code an Audio-Visual demo together.

I hope to inspire new developer artists and bring a dash of creativity to your every day problem solving.


Mathieu 'p01' Henri is a Senior Engineer at Microsoft in Oslo, Norway, and previously worked on the Opera web browser. At night he is a creative coder & demoscene artist specialized in real time audio visual animations in a few hundred bytes for the web platform, PC and Atari ST computers.